Good business doesn’t

have a bottom line.


It has three.




Friday Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that helps social impact startups grow by providing clients with the skills and tools they need to bring their products and services to scale. With Friday Consulting’s guidance, these businesses focus on a triple bottom line approach–using financial, social, and environmental metrics to measure success and return value to investors and stakeholders.

Our primary service offerings are in finance, operations, and human capital. Friday Consulting’s approach is collaborative and flexible. The engagements are designed to fit each client’s specific needs, budget, and learning outcomes.

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La Cocina Workshop Recap: Investment Readiness 101 for Food Entrepreneurs

La Cocina Investment Readiness Workshop

We had the pleasure of hosting a workshop on investment readiness at La Cocina’s Food + Entrepreneurship Conference a couple of weekends ago in San Francisco. We discussed what it means to be investment ready, how to get there, and what investors are really looking for.

For those who couldn’t join us at the workshop and attendees looking for a refresher, here’s a brief recap of the information covered during the session.

What is Investment Readiness?

Investment readiness is much more than just needing money. The need for funds alone does not mean you’re ready to seek them out, much less that you’ll be successful. There are four main components that make up investment readiness:

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