Good business doesn’t

have a bottom line.


It has three.




Friday Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that helps social impact startups grow by providing clients with the skills and tools they need to bring their products and services to scale. With Friday Consulting’s guidance, these businesses focus on a triple bottom line approach–using financial, social, and environmental metrics to measure success and return value to investors and stakeholders.

Our primary service offerings are in finance, operations, and human capital. Friday Consulting’s approach is collaborative and flexible. The engagements are designed to fit each client’s specific needs, budget, and learning outcomes.

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SOCAP14 Panel Discussion Recap: Continuing the Impact Weavers Conversation

“Here’s to the doers, the practical ones who flesh out the visionary’s ideas against what’s real and possible, the ones who point out the barriers ahead of time and find a way to get the visionary’s idea turned into a product or a service.”   -Kevin Doyle Jones, Convener at SOCAP


Together, Social Capital Markets and Friday Consulting developed the Impact Weavers Award to change the conversation around who the heroes of social enterprise are, to recognize not just the visionary founders, but also the behind-the-scenes leaders who build the team and operational infrastructure to bring the vision to life. At Friday Consulting, we’re very familiar with this kind of internal role. We work with food and health & wellness entrepreneurs who have a vision for a business with social impact, but who may lack the bandwidth or knowledge to take that vision to the next level. Playing this role ourselves, we understand how vital it is and call those who play this role “Impact Weavers” because we see them as skillful weavers, lacing together the many different parts that must come together to form a thriving, impactful organization. Continue reading SOCAP14 Panel Discussion Recap: Continuing the Impact Weavers Conversation→