Impact Weavers Award

Celebrating the leaders who create the fabric of social enterprise

UPDATE: The nomination period for 2014 is now closed. Please join us in congratulating the finalists!

The world of social enterprise loves to celebrate visionary founders. These entrepreneurs take big risks and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to bring their grand visions to life. But what about their counterparts–the internal leaders who build the team and operational infrastructure to execute on the vision of their partners?

At Friday Consulting, we understand the vital role these passionate leaders play in creating successful high impact organizations. We see these individuals as skillful weavers, creating and interlacing the many pieces that must come together to form a thriving organization. The meticulous work of these weavers often goes uncelebrated, and now we want to give some well deserved recognition to our peers in these positions.

Together with Social Capital Markets and representatives from Generation Citizen and Eye to Eye, we have created the Impact Weavers Award: Celebrating the leaders who create the fabric of social enterprise. Learn more about our design team.

Nominate an Impact Weaver today!
Or, feel free to nominate yourself. Nominations will be accepted through June 9, 2014. Winners will receive passes to SOCAP14, published interviews, and mentorship opportunities, including membership in a networking circle comprised of internal leaders in peer organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Guidelines for Nominees

An eligible nominee…

  • Is part of an organization that has been in business for at least three (3) years and has some form of social impact mission. These organizations do not need to demonstrate their impact, but their intention for scalable social impact must be credible.
  • Has been with that organization for at least two (2) years.
  • Is playing a key role in leading growth (for example, financial growth, growing the team, or impact metrics growth).
  • Nominees must currently be in the position they are nominated for OR have left their positions within the last three months.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of roles, titles, functional areas, or departments from which nominees can come.

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